Hello! My name is

Jan Losert &
I’m a Designer

I’m an enthusiastic product designer currently working on making the future be NO-CODE at Webflow, while traveling around the world. You can find my recent projects on Dribbble and Behance or if you're interested in my UI Kits visit my store.

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My skillset

Visual Design, Dashboards & Best User Experience

I specialize in building complex web applications, leading front-end teams, digital product design and developing visual design systems. I enjoy creating effortless user experience and designing delightful digital products. The entire process of going from a concept to release and gathering user’s feedback on either client’s or my own products is what makes me wake up everyday! Nowadays I design stuff at Webflow, previously I worked at Tapdaq/Tapjoy, Badoo and Socialbakers.

Earlier in 2016 I started turning my expertise into building my own digital design products. This helped me to learn even more about users and gain a deeper knowledge about launching and selling stuff as an individual. My best known products across the design community are currently Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 and Dashboard UI Kit totalling over 4000 sold copies.

I worked with numerous clients from all around the world from early startups to well-established companies. I always seek new opportunities for cooperation on projects around interesting dashboards, design systems or landing pages. Let’s create something awesome together!

My Products

My Products

Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 Small Preview

Dashboard UI Kit 3.0

New Product

The first and the largest design kit (Sketch, PS,XD) for web apps and dashboards developed in React with open roadmap and monthly updates. First release comes with 40 brand new screens including full conceptual apps. All based on symbols and styles.

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Symbols & Styleguides Small Preview


First Webflow UI Kit

Clonable Webflow Style Kit prepared fully in Webflow Designer. Full of most commonly used components and 28 beautifully designed & coded cards. Ready to be copy & pasted to your future projects!

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Client Projects

Client Projects

Skillshare 5 BackgroundSkillshare 5 Reference

Skillshare 5

I had the opportunity to work directly with Skillshare team to showcase their new platform features. I designed new Landing page for Skillshare Version 5, their new Main Homepage and About page.

Early 2017  |  Live & Partly In Development

Case Study Coming Soon


Working closely with engineers we created mediation/cross promotion platform as a all-in-one solution for mobile developers with. I touched nearly everything visible on Tapdaq from all landing pages to the whole User Experience and the design of dashboard to sales/investor product decks.

Ongoing Full Time Project  |  Live

Live Website
Behance Project
Tapdaq Reference PreviewTapdaq Reference Background
Class2Class BackgroundClass2Class Small Preview


I was responsible for setting up Class2Class design system and their whole design language for current and upcoming features. I redesigned a couple of their primary screens as well as created 2 of their new main features/screens: Classroom overview and shared lesson plans dashboard.

October 2017  |  In Development


Filli Studios

Complete design launch for a young social media agency called Filli Studios, starting from 2 of their Product Decks/Keynotes and Marketing Pitch Decks to design of their fully responsive website.

November 2017  |  In Development

Live Website
Filli Studio Reference PreviewFilli Studios Reference Background



Brand Designer
2019 - Now


Lead Designer
London | UK
2014 - 2019


Product Designer
London | UK
2013 - 2014


Application & Web Designer
Prague | CZ
2012 - 2013
About Me

Designing with Passion while exploring the world

Currently living in between Prague and London. I’ve been passionate about pixels and design projects since 17yo and haven’t stopped working and learning about new technologies day and night ever since. Other than sitting in from of my display I enjoy myself in casual sports, such as bowling (my record so far is 197!) or playing NHL with friends.

With enjoying this remote working environment I find myself travelling around the globe. I'm grateful that my job allows me to work from anywhere. In past 3 years I increased the number of visited countries to 42 in total. My favourite continent so far is Asia! I’m active on Instagram where I share most of the WIP designs, my daily standups and all info about my upcoming projects.

I also like sharing my experience and you can read about me in NetMag, SketchAppResources, UI/UX Design Interviews & CzechCrunch (CZ)