Become an Affiliate


Do you have a website? Or maybe a blog about design, mobile apps, workspaces, coding or dashboards? Wouldn’t it be great to monetise your site by promoting any of my UI kits/Products?! Even if you don’t run a website or blog, you can still get paid by sharing links by posting them to Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media you use. You’re already a Dashboard UI Kit / iOS UI Kits fan, chances are some of your friends or colleagues would be too!

Just to make things clear: once you set the link on your website your work is done. When someone clicks through your link and purchases any of my products, you’ll be notified via email and get 50% of the sale price straight to your account. In order to claim your payments, make sure to enter your payment preferences at Gumroad. Thank you so much for spreading the word out!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Follow the simple steps below to join my affiliate program (it’s super simple).
  • Grab a link and place it anywhere on your website, blog or social media and you are ready to get rewarded.
  • For every purchase made through your referral link you’ll receive 50% of the sale price straight to your account.


  • To sign up for my affiliate program, you’ll first need to create a new account at Gumroad (unless you already have one) for payout purposes.
  • After signing up, email me ([email protected]) with the subject “Affiliate program”, and in the body you can just mention the email associated with your Gumroad account. (But obviously feel free to say Hi!)
  • Wait for an email from Gumroad, which will provide you with a unique link (this may take a few hours but I'll do my best! I'm still a human as well.).
  • Start sharing the link with your audience on your website or blog.
  • For every sale you make, you’ll get a notification via email and obviously 50% of the sale price.

Happy to help you

If you have a question or you're still unclear about how to setup your Gumroad or how to become an affiliate in general feel free to contact me at [email protected]