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Night & Travel

A beautiful Sketch and Photoshop iOS / Android UI Kit for your next projects. Package includes all core screen layouts in PSD and Sketch formats in four resolutions.

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Compatible with Sketch 41, Photoshop CC 2015 and later

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All in 4 Resolutions

As mentioned, Night & Travel comes in 3 iOS and in 1 Android resolutions. All of this to help you design and test different layouts without any resizing struggle.

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Material Design

This makes Night & Travel being one of the first UI Kits out there to provide an amazing resource of elements for both of the major mobile platforms. All iOS screens transformed and polished for Android design on your hands.

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All Features

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Package Includes

  • iOS 9 optimized screens
  • 100+ elements
  • 100% Vector layers
  • 4 resolutions
  • Material Design for Android optimized!
  • PS & Sketch Ready
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It's not easy to find unique visual language for your projects when the App Store is filled with so many apps. I’ve spent two months preparing this beautiful Sketch and Photoshop iOS starter UI Kit for your next projects. Package includes all screen layouts in PSD and Sketch formats in four resolutions; iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and Nexus 5.

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Still struggling or need anything more to know more? Feel free to contact me at any point.

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