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Apple Watch UI Kit 2.0

Pack of 10+ App Concepts for Apple Watch with over 5500 Downloads! I was fascinated with the Apple Watch since they were announced. The question that I asked myself: how will current apps be able to adapt to their experiences?

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Compatible with Sketch 41, Photoshop CC 2015 and later

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10 App Concepts

With that said I took a look at some of the biggest apps/brands out there and tried to redesign their core experience for a tiny device like Apple Watch. In this package you'll find concepts for apps like: Shazam, Tinder, Instagram, Yahoo News and many more.

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All screens ready for both 38 & 42mm Apple Watch resolutions. The full package comes with a Apple Watch icon guide as well!

Apple Watch UI Kit Full Preview

All Features

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Package Includes

  • 10 App Concepts
  • 41 Apple Watch Interface Screens
  • Perfect Layer Organization
  • All Elements Included
  • Icon Creating Guide
  • Photoshop & Apple Watch Compatible

More info

I have been fascinated by the Apple Watch since it was announced. The question is, how will current apps adapt their experience to this new device? I took this question seriously and have tried to create an experience which users understand. After more than 5500 downloads of V1.0 of our Apple Watch App concept GUI, I decided to publish an update. Now you can get more than 40 Apple Watch screens for free. All screens comply with Apple Watch font guidelines, and are designed for smaller 38mm screens. This makes the package three times bigger than before. Full set comes in .PSD and .Sketch formats. And as we mentioned before, everything is available for free.

Still struggling or need anything more to know more? Feel free to contact me at any point.

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