Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 is here! 🎉 40 New screens, New Design system, ReactJS and many more. Click for more!
Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 is here!  🎉 Click for more!
Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 is here!  🎉

Webflow UI Kit

When design meets code. Introducing one on the first clonable Webflow Style UI Kit fully developed in Webflow Designer.

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Full Template for Free, obviously. Ready to be cloned!

A designer who loves Webflow

Few days ago Webflow introduced a feature which allows users to copy and paste whole pages or just .divs between projects on to their platform. Since Webflow is something that I discovered only a few months ago and it had already changed my life as a non-coding designer, I decided to create my first small web based UI Kit.

Clonable Elements & Atoms

The main aim here was to create something visually beautiful. A kit that can be used by designers, as well as developers or new users to the platform. I prepared all various styles for all the main typography elements  also buttons, tags, alerts, social icons etc.. By using these “atoms” I created as many types of cards as possible.

Designed for All 4 Breakpoints

All Cards are fully responsive for Desktop, Tablet & Phone. Using the basic Webflow 940px grid.

Clonable Cards & Atoms

Created & Designed with Atomic Principles. Covering small elements like paragraphs to Sign Up forms.

What is predefined for you?

9 Predefined categories, all responsive and ready to be pasted anywhere in your projects!

Article Cards
Predefined Colors
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

So here we go. Get, Set, Ready!

Stop doing all the initial setups over and over. Instead spend more time with the doing the fun work with Webflow.

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Like the design? Get the Cards Kit in Sketch as well.