Hello, my name is

Jan Losert

I’m an enthusiastic product designer currently shaping the future of mobile advertising at Tapdaq, while traveling around the world. You can find my recent projects on Dribbble and Behance or if you're interested in my UI Kits visit my store.

My skillset

Visual Design, Dashboards User Experience

I've spent the last years helping various companies create effortless user experience and design delightful digital products. This experience together with freelance work I've done, allowed me to acquire wide range of skills as a designer. Building products from the start, working side by side with developers, releasing new features, analyzing customers' interactions, seeing how people use my designs and continuously improve them is what I love the most about my job!

Apart from leading Product Design at Tapdaq where I've designed every single visible pixel, I also freelance for several companies and clients to help me understand how different people interact with different platforms and keep me entertained with design all day (and night) long.




Visit Website Lead Designer Late 2014 - Now


Visit Website Product Designer 2013 - 2014


Visit Website Product Designer 2012 - 2013

Recent Projects

My Products

About Me

Traveling Eating Sleeping Instagramming Flying Driving Bowling NHLing G&Ting

I enjoy what I do and you can often find me on Friday at 3 am working with pixels. When I'm not in front of my mac, I enjoy myself in casual sports, such as bowling (my record so far is 197!) or playing NHL with friends.

I also like sharing my experience and you can read about me in NetMag, SketchAppResources, UI/UX Design Interviews, LeanReady & CzechCrunch (CZ)

I always wanted to travel around the globe and I'm grateful that my job allows me to work from anywhere in this world. Im currently on number 41 in terms of visited countries. My favourite continent = Asia! Who knows, maybe one day I'll have a chance to work from Mars, but for now, I'm happy with a local cup of coffee, cruising nearby lakes and mountains. Being in different places and learning new cultures truly inspires me. I also share a lot of my design insights and WIP design on my Instagram. If you want to learn more about me and process my feed is a great place to discover more!

What Now

Let's work together!

If you'd like to talk about a project you want help with or need an advice about product design, just drop me a message at me@janlosert.com. I'm currently available for small projects, especially with teams from cities I haven't been at.

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